Code Enforcement

Dave Crane Code Enforcement Officer  609-654-8898 Ext. 129

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Mark J. McIntosh Deputy Code Enforcement Officer  609-654-8898 Ext. 18

Code Enforcement plays an important role in preserving the appearance of Medford Lakes. The mission of Code Enforcement is to provide fair and comprehensive enforcement of Borough Codes that set property maintenance standards and zoning requirements.

The Borough currently uses the 2000 International Property Maintenance Code for property maintenance issues. For a specific property code question or to register a complaint, please contact our office.


Medford Lakes is a community filled with oaks, pines and other native species of trees. To insure that we keep the borough’s wooded appearance, residents must obtain a permit and receive approval before any tree larger than three inches or greater measured at a point four feet from the base (including those that are dead) can be cut. A fee is charged for the permit.

When cutting trees, the property owner is responsible to arrange for removal of all debris with the contractor. Homeowners are also reminded that it is unlawful in New Jersey to remove, cut down or destroy the “Mountain Laurel Plant” that is indigenous to the area.

For questions, please contact our office.

Click here to view 2000 International  Property Maintenance Code

Tree Ordinance

Tree Permit Application

POD Permit Application

Dumpster Permit Application

Pod & Dumpster Ordinance