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Tax Information:

The New Jersey State Statutes charges the Tax Collector with collecting funds needed to support Local Government, County Government, School Districts and Fire Districts.

Tax Collection Due Dates are as follows: February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st.


By resolution the Borough Council permits a grace period. The Grace period for the current year is 10 calendar days. All Tax payments are to be received in the Tax Collector’s Office by 4:30 pm on the tenth day of the month in which they are due. Should the tenth fall on a weekend or holiday the following regular business day will be the last day of the grace period. Any payments received after 4:30 pm will be posted on the following business day with all interest and penalties due for that posting date.

A Municipal Liens Sale is held annually to cure delinquent accounts. Municipal charges include but are not limited to: Taxes, Sewer charges, and property maintenance fees.

Five Deductions are allowed by NJ State Statutes: Senior Citizens, Surviving Spouses of Qualified Senior Citizens, Veterans, Veterans Widows/Widowers and Disabled Persons. Information regarding application forms and qualifications may be obtained by contacting the Tax Assessors Office and/or viewing the Assessors WebPages.

New Jersey Property Tax Relief Programs:

The State of New Jersey provides information regarding the following programs at their website or by calling the following numbers:

Property Tax Reimbursement
To check the status of a filed application 1-800-882-6597         
To ask questions 1-800-882-6597        
To listen to information or order an application 1-800-323-4400

Homestead Rebate Infoline
Phone  1-800-238-1233         

TTY User  1-800-286-6613


NJ Treasury Website -


If any of the following pertain to you, please read through for some tips to help us help you!


When you sell your home, make a copy of your bill for your records and present the new owner with the original bill at the closing.

If you have bought a property and did not receive a bill at your closing, you must contact this office for a duplicate bill. Bills are not issued due to sales. Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt you from paying taxes or the interest due on delinquent taxes.


Please be advised that the State of New Jersey does not allow the Tax Collector to acknowledge postmarks, therefore taxes must be received in the office on or before the end of the grace period (10th of the Month due) by 4:30 pm. However, if the

10th falls on a weekend or legal holiday, you have until the next business day to make payment. All payments may be made by cash, check, or money order.
When paying in person, bring your entire bill with you so that we may receipt the back of the bill for you.
When paying by mail, and you wish to have a receipt, please send the entire bill with a self addressed stamped envelope or just the stub with your check to Medford Lakes Borough Tax Collector 1 Cabin Circle, Medford Lakes NJ 08055.


It is quite often necessary to return checks that are written incorrectly. These errors can result in delays that may cause interest to be charged for late payments. By following the pointers listed below we hope some of these most common errors can be avoided.

Ensure the amount written out matches the amount in the number box! The most common error!
Your check MUST be made payable to BOROUGH OF MEDFORD LAKES only.
Make sure your check is signed! Also check the date!
Please make sure the account you are writing the check on is valid!

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Tax Records

Lookup Tax Records (in state of NJ)

Downloadable Forms:

Disabled Veterans Exemption

Senior/Disabled Tax Deduction

Supplemental Form for Peacekeeping Missions

Veteran Tax Deduction