Planning Board


  • 7:30 p.m.
  • 3rd Thursday of every month
  • Meetings are open to the public and advertised under the provisions of the Sunshine Law.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Medford Lakes Planning Board has many roles and has quasi-judicial powers. Some if its many functions include advising zoning and master plan changes, interpretation of Zoning Code through the variance process, site plan and subdivision review, and of course, responding to individual residents and Borough Council on zoning/planning issues. The Board also has the duty of reviewing changes or development in the Historic District as it pertains to the exterior of log structures.

Board History

The Board has been in existence since 1976. In 1995 the Planning Board was combined with the Zoning Board to form a single 9 member board with two alternates. This combining of Boards was allowed under state regulations in communities with a population of less than 10,000 in an effort to reduce municipal government expenses. The members of the Board are as prescribed by New Jersey State statute as well as volunteers of all backgrounds from the community, who are appointed by Borough Council.

Obtaining a Variance (Appeals of a decision of the Zoning Officer)

The Medford Lakes Land Use Ordinance (dating from 1965 with subsequent amendments) regulates the type, density and characteristics of construction within the Borough. It regulates "setbacks" (distances between structures and trails), maximum lot coverage, minimum lot sizes, fences, decks, pools, ancillary buildings and a variety of other aspects of land use. If any proposed construction fails to meet these requirements, the Construction Code Official will deny a building permit for the construction.

Granting a Variance

Under some conditions, your construction may be eligible for a waiver or "variance" from these requirements. The decision to grant a variance or not is made by the Planning Board based on the facts presented at a hearing during the regular monthly meeting of the Board. If you apply for a variance, you will be required to officially notify all property owners (including government and quasi-government entities) within 200 feet of the property, publish a notice in one of the Boroughs newspapers of record and present the facts of your appeal at the Planning Board meeting. This process can take some time and its a good reason why you should apply for a building permit at least a month prior to starting any construction work.

Master Plan

Find information about the master plan in our archive center.