Borough Facts

Medford Lakes is 1.2 square miles of rustic beauty in Burlington County, New Jersey. Part of the New Jersey Pinelands Preservation area, there are 22 lakes within this small area and hundreds of lakefront and lake view properties. We don’t have streets or roads, we have trails.

Log Cabins

Of the 1500 homes in Medford Lakes, over 150 are log cabins, giving Medford Lakes the highest concentration of log cabins in the world (as far as we know!) Ask any visitor to the Lakes an you’ll hear comments like "You must think you’re at camp all the time." Or "What a great place to raise kids!"


More than most places these days, Medford Lakes is a community. People know their neighbors, neighbors help neighbors, and the town works. A small town means personalized services from our government, police, fire, and other community organizations. And that translates to a safe community. You’ll find many neighbors who have lived all over but returned to Medford Lakes to capture that special feeling.

The Medford Lakes Colony

Our wealth of lakes and recreational facilities are operated by The Medford Lakes Colony, an independent home owners association open to all. The Colony is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment of our lakes, playgrounds, ball fields, tennis courts and other recreational facilities.